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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Phase 1 : Architectural Choreography

Architectural Choreography
 Gatwick Airport Baggage Handling System

1. Diagram

2. Zoomed-In Diagram

 3. Renderings with Maxwell

Animation of the Choreography

Phase 1:   Titanic steam engine choreography

Rendering image of the Main engine room(MAXWELL)

The overall diagram explained the whole operation of Titanic's engine room.

    Rendering image from 2nd animation: change the purpose of the steam engine.

architecture choreography from Tachapol on Vimeo.

International Space Station

Royal Opera House. Die Walküre Act III.

Royal Opera House
Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) Act III

Overall diagram of the Royal Opera House elements and main participants in the system;
Composite diagram of the whole choreography (color fills to be projected to reveal the sequence)

Rendering of the fire scene at the end of Act III of Wagner's The Valkyrie at the Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House_The Valkyrie Act III vs Construction Site from Suthata Jiranuntarat on Vimeo.

Bangkok container Terminal choreography. (final)

Bangkok container port choreography
Phase 1 : Architecture Choregraphy

Illustrate machanical performance of Bangkok port.
Bangkok port_Vessel Berthing I_Klong Toey.Bangkok Thailand
 Animation of the Choreography
Bangkok container port choreography from Veerasu Saetae on Vimeo.

Pin Up 05/02/13 - You Only Live Twice 1967

final combined from Varis Niwatsakul on Vimeo.

The focus of the case study is based on the film "you only live twice" 1967. It was the fifth series in james bond films. The scope of the analysis is centered on the villian hideout volcano crater. The set was designed by Ken adam to mimic the never found fictional place described in the original novel.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You Only Live Twice (1967) Film_Maxwell Render Updates

Render time : 9 hrs ( latest update )

Some emitters that I applied started to come through but a few still not working. I also have a problem with render size, this render used default render size of maxwell which is the biggest already. When I tried to do A3 with 300 dpi and 200 dpi the maxwell render started to crash.

Render time : 4hrs 30mins

Still the emitter did not come through with the down light at the ceiling. Will update more when it works !.

Maxwell Object ID

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 2

The Airport Baggage Handling Process (Step by Step)

1. Check-in

2. Screening

3. Scanning

4. Tilt Tray

5. Loading


Conveyor With Bags from Eiab Jin Tasana on Vimeo.

Week 2

Royal Opera House Analysis 

Royal Opera House Elements (focusing on those involved in the Die Walkure)

Mapping of the spinning movement of the wall through out the opera (sequence is represented with colors : yellow-red / time is represented through opacity of the lines : light-dark) 

ROH the valkyrie wall from Suthata Jiranuntarat on Vimeo.

Trial animation of the wall spinning scenes.

Interior rendering of the stage from the audience perspective (same angle as in the video) using maxwell render

Week 2_ Progress of Bangkok port shipping choreography


Produce 3d Mechanical Model

STS (Ship to Shore crane)
RTG (Rubbered Tyre Gantry Crane)
Reach Stacker
Motor Truck with Chasis 


Week 2

I'm currently working on the diagram, which I have already mapped out all the grapple fixtures on the station.

Week 2  UPDATE


Overall choreography of Titanic operating system
- The orange highlight are all the dynamic actors that operate the entire system of Titanic.
- The navy blue line in the axon show the communicating system in the ship, how each part of the ship can communicate with each other.
- The diagram at the top corner show the overall operation of the steam engine.

   Titanic's engine room from Tachapol on Vimeo.
Animation shows the overall choreography, this will be in the beginning part of my real animation, before I going zoom in to each room.

Right now, I am still in the process of learning Bongo and after effect. I still can't figure out how to animate the reciprocating engine yet. So this is just an try out animation.

Perspective rendering (Maxwell)

Weekly Update 2_You Only Live Twice

Diagrammatic Representation of Machines, People and Camera angles

The sequential movements of the machines are represented by varying degree of color opacity. From the most faded represents the starting point and the most intensity represents the ending point.

Camera angles : represent by 3D cone of visions generated in Rhino and exported for vectorize in illustrator. The use of lowercase alphabet and uppercase alphabet represent camera position and its target ( a - A ) a = camera position while, A= camera target trajectory. Then, what camera sees represent by image from the film mapped out according to each camera angle cone of visions. Here, the these images started to unfolds the set design environments. It describes what camera sees as well as a specific atmospheric qualities
 of each shot.

You Only Live Twice (1967)_Bongo_Animation from Varis Niwatsakul on Vimeo.

Sequence 1 : Helicopter landing 
( activation of crater opening and  heliport from standby position to take off position simultaneously)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 2


Here is my first draft diagram that I attempt to show the overall choreography of the machines in Titanic's engine room.

The complex choreography of the Titanic is not only about the operation of the machines, but also the communication system between people.
From captain's bridge(captain) ----------------- to the main engine room(chief engineer) ------------------to the boiler room(junior engineer)------- ------(Leading Fireman)------------------(Trimmer/fireman.)